White Papers

Greener Future(s)

Misha Malyshev (CEO/CIO) and Eric Munsing (PM - ESG) make the case for "green commodities" as an attractive, emerging, and now investable asset class. With markets for renewable energy and carbon credits growing, investors now have more sustainable options when it comes to their commodities exposure.

The Era of Prosperity: Chinese Commodities

Chinese commodities are some of the world's deepest and most liquid commodities futures contracts, yet institutional adoption remains relatively low. In this piece Misha assesses opportunities for both alpha and diversification in Chinese commodities, where the market is going, and which strategies are best positioned to take advantage of market dynamics.

A risk-managed approach to crypto investing

In this piece Misha explores a question that plagues many crypto investors -- "Which coin should i invest in?" Ultimately he advocates a diversified approach to crypto investing that can provide risk-managed access to growth in the space.

Manager Insights – A Quant’s Eye View

July 2022

Alpha in Alternative Data

Teza discusses the value of alternative data for quant managers.

July 2022

Green Commodities and Climate Impact

Teza examines the climate impact of green commodities strategies.

May 2022

Market mani­pulation risk in crypto

Misha discusses how savvy investors can manage the risk of market manipulation in crypto.


Dr. Misha Malyshev, CEO/CIO of Teza Technologies

What You Have Wrong About Beta

On our third episode of “What You Have Wrong About," Dr. Misha Malyshev goes deep on beta. Listen now to learn why this so-called “boring” part of a portfolio is so important and can be just as - if not more - exciting than alpha.

Dr. Misha Malyshev, CEO/CIO of Teza Technologies

What You Have Wrong About Investing in China

Teza is back with Episode 2 of “What You Have Wrong About." Here, Misha covers Chinese commodities including: how they are different from Chinese equities; unique aspects that don’t exist in Western markets; and the impact of retail participation.

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