Manager Insights – A Quant’s Eye View

July 2022

Alpha in Alternative Data

Teza discusses the value of alternative data for quant managers.

July 2022

Green Commodities and Climate Impact

Teza examines the climate impact of green commodities strategies.

May 2022

Market mani­pulation risk in crypto

Misha discusses how savvy investors can manage the risk of market manipulation in crypto.

December 2021

Crypto in the institutional portfolio

Teza explores the role of crypto in the portfolio and best practices for evaluating strategies and partners.

February 2021

Achieving true diversification

Teza’s outlook on the importance of diversification for 2021 and beyond.

December 2020

Is quant “broken”?

Teza’s thinking on dispersion in quant manager performance.

October 2020

Corn market trading sessions

Teza examines an unusual phenomenon in the corn market.

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