White papers

Greener Future(s)

Misha Malyshev (CEO/CIO) and Eric Munsing (PM - ESG) make the case for "green commodities" as an attractive, emerging, and now investable asset class. With markets for renewable energy and carbon credits growing, investors now have more sustainable options when it comes to their commodities exposure.

The Era of Prosperity: Chinese Commodities

Chinese commodities are some of the world's deepest and most liquid commodities futures contracts, yet institutional adoption remains relatively low. In this piece Misha assesses opportunities for both alpha and diversification in Chinese commodities, where the market is going, and which strategies are best positioned to take advantage of market dynamics.

A risk-managed approach to crypto investing

In this piece Misha explores a question that plagues many crypto investors -- "Which coin should i invest in?" Ultimately he advocates a diversified approach to crypto investing that can provide risk-managed access to growth in the space.

The Future of Bitcoin

Teza CEO/CIO Misha Malyshev makes a case for why Bitcoin will likely be surpassed by other cryptocurrencies and go to zero in a few short years. While some crypto enthusiasts see Bitcoin as the uncorrelated asset of the future, Misha argues that Bitcoin is likely to become a mere museum exhibit.

The $1T Problem

This thought leadership piece addresses the challenges that institutional investors face in achieving above-benchmark returns. The paper discusses risk-managed dynamic beta programs as a solution for an investment landscape where true alpha is limited.

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