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The Study of Microstructure

As a firm rooted in the study of market microstructure, our value extraction goes far beyond investigating the behavior of price and volume. We study causality between  the market return dynamics and the most basic economic forces – supply and demand – on any time horizon. By understanding these relationships, we are able to construct predictive models, offering a glimpse into the future market flows and movements.

Our Futures Team closely monitors the different stages of a commodity’s industry chain, from upstream to midstream, and downstream. By tracking and studying these stages, we’re able to gain a complete understanding of the product’s lifecycle, providing us with a unique perspective and competitive advantage in the commodities market.

Markets Granularity

We measure deviations from supply-demand imbalance for each product through the entire spectrum of investment cycles: from macro to micro. We build unique, proprietary tools for studying and monitoring the actions of various market participants. Having actively traded in these markets since 2009, we possess a distinct edge in real-time information capture with a tick-by-tick granularity. 

We are solving challenging technical and mathematical problems quickly receiving feedback for exceptional work from the market.”

Supply-Demand View

The ability to understand and predict the actions of various market participants as opposed to fitting returns to data, allows us to build uncorrelated strategies and provides us with unique views on various risk factors.
Within the vast landscape of the futures research we distinguish the three groups of team based on their main focus on a particular set of phenomena on the macro-micro supply-demand spectrum.


Market-neutral and
short term systematic


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