Since 2009 our environment helps people to master their art and have fun doing it

Teza was established as a private HFT firm in 2009 by a team of skilled scientists and investment professionals. Thanks to exceptional expertise, we quickly emerged as one of the industry’s most successful HFT companies, fueled by a number of technological innovations and algorithmic breakthroughs.
As Teza expanded the pursuit of alpha, we launched a quantitative hedge fund that offered institutional investors diversification and persistent signals. Our clients benefit from efficiency in execution, colocation infrastructure, and technological excellence that we derive from years of high frequency trading.

Passion for making discoveries and pushing the boundaries of knowledge is what makes our environment unique.

We pride ourselves in our ability to discover unique alphas, many of which are rooted in our deep understanding of market microstructure and asset flows. By 2019, we had developed a multi-strategy portfolio that leveraged our core competitive edge, along with other market impact-related factors.

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