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Our Philosophy

Core Principles


The unbound exploration of new ideas, techniques, and disciplines is essential at Teza. True innovation disrupts the status quo. When pushing limits in technology and science, courage is necessary in the pursuit of discovery. It is with this courage, curiosity and skill that we venture every day into the unknown to discover alpha for our clients.



The next groundbreaking idea can come from anyone. Teza is a thinktank where impromptu conversation often sparks the next breakthrough. We relentlessly eliminate barriers to creative thought, such as internal politics and hierarchies. Team culture blends our diverse backgrounds and perspectives, accelerating trailblazing discoveries.

Hire "Great Athletes" and help them grow

The number of problems in quantitative finance is infinite and the scarcest resource is talent. Instead of hiring to solve a problem, we recruit “great athletes” — the best and brightest across a variety of disciplines in science and mathematics — and find problems for them to solve. Our people maintain significant autonomy in their work, with the freedom to contribute to research across teams, and the ability to move and advance throughout the organization.

Maintain uncompromising transparency and integrity

As scientists, we are characteristically (and perhaps brutally) honest. We are transparent with one another, and with our clients and partners. We refuse to cut corners, and believe in doing the right thing even when it is not the easy thing.

embrace scientific rigor

The scientific method forms the backbone of our business. We use data to learn about the world and predict outcomes. The renowned physicist Niels Bohr famously stated: “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” Why? It is very easy to overfit. To avoid that, one’s process must be extremely robust, relying on existing discoveries in math, physics, and statistics. Groups within Teza use their own statistical tools tailored for specific applications, and each group follows its scientific process precisely.

Investment Principles

Adhere to a quantitative, systematic approach utilizing a rigorous scientific research process

Leverage proprietary data collection and insights derived from HFT heritage to develop innovative strategies

Provide sophisticated risk monitoring and controls


Our Leadership

General Counsel & Chief
Compliance Officer

Chief Risk Officer & Head
of Teza Capital Management

Founder, Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Investment Officer

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