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Tanya Lyubimova

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining Teza as Chief Operating Officer in January 2023, Tanya founded Particle.One in 2019 to conduct AI assisted commodities research. Using knowledge graph methodology and natural language processing, her team identified relationships between company data and commodities, enabling commodity producers to find alpha in proprietary datasets.

Since 2021 Tanya also worked with Teza as an independent consultant. She has been instrumental in the firm’s exposure into the digital assets space as well as expanding our global footprint. She is active within the fintech community – asset management, banking, startups and VCs, serving as an Advisor, Judge and Lecturer at Alchemist Accelerator.

She began her career as a team growth consultant. In 2012 Tanya started her own boutique consulting business that grew to 30+ employees and was sold in 2018 to a competitor. Her clients included Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and others.

Tanya graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Quantum Physics.

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