We channel the power of science to build cutting-edge algorithms across different markets

— Multi-Strategy

Teza has built a robust multi-strategy, multi-PM platform based on core futures (see below) and equities stat arb strategies. Teza combines its strongest ideas with a focus on orthogonality, continuing to add strategies as the firm identifies new sources of alpha.

— Global Futures

Teza trades a variety of global futures strategies, each with a dedicated PM, in three categories –Directional Futures, Intraday Futures, and Commodity Sector Futures. These strategies trade on relatively short time horizons, enabling Teza to leverage microstructure signals to seek out investment opportunities in (1) the temporary price displacements caused by movements of large capital, and (2) the short-term relative price movement of different assets.

— Chinese Commodities

With an office in Shanghai, Teza has been trading in China for over six years. Teza believes that there is a significant early-mover advantage in Chinese markets, and that our years of local trading experience place us ahead of most others pursuing a China strategy. In keeping with Teza’s investment philosophy, our activities in China focus on analyzing marketplace supply-demand dynamics to capitalize on fundamental asset mispricing and exchange imbalances that are predictable and repeatable.

— Green Commodities

Teza’s goal in entering the green commodities space was twofold: (1) to aid governments and corporations in achieving carbon neutrality targets, and (2) to provide an impact-oriented alternative to traditional commodities allocations. Teza trades green commodities using an active long-biased style to capture the inherent benefits of beta (sector growth, inflation correlation, and portfolio diversification) alongside a series of quantitative and fundamental alpha signals that enhance returns and reduce risk.

— Digital Assets

After significant R&D and longstanding research team coverage, Teza decided to bring its quantitative methodology and risk excellence to the digital assets market in 2022. Teza believes that Web3, blockchain technologies, and decentralized finance are here to stay and will dramatically transform the existing internet and traditional finance over the next decade. As with any new disruptive technology, there will be an abundance of investment opportunities. Teza’s digital assets strategies include a broadly diversified long-only portfolio and a market neutral crypto alpha strategy.

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