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The US Equities business became a part of Teza in 2017.  Now the US Equities is our single largest research team spread between NYC and Yerevan offices. In 2022 we expanded our business into China Equities Markets trading A-Shares. Our team, situated across New York and Shanghai, benefits both from a deep understanding of China’s landscape as well as global expertise.

The opportunity to satisfy your curiosity is unlimited.”

Similar to futures, the equities research is anchored in fundamental understanding of actions of various market participants.  Unlike the futures markets, however, the equities markets offer a much larger set of underlying instruments: different strategies trade 2,000-4,000 names in each US and China markets. Our Statistical Arbitrage businesses in these regions are composed of several independent market-neutral strategies combined in specific portfolios. These portfolios aim to produce optimal risk-adjusted profits for our clients irrespective of market movements. 

Data Feasting for Precision

StatArb models hungrily consume large amounts of fundamental, alternative, and market data. The optimization algorithms then enable us to build balanced portfolios that are ready to take advantage of subsequent movements in the markets. 

The peak throughput for the data coincides with the final second of US Equities trading, precisely at 16:00 New York time. During this singular moment, we successfully process in excess of 7 million messages within a single second. Each of these messages may carry crucial information for a portfolio.  

Synergy Driving Excellence

Our culture encourages cooperation and the sharing of best practices. We marry common tools, systems, technology and techniques with a deep understanding of local markets and conditions. We strive to create the most effective coverage of diverse markets by a small group of highly qualified specialists. 

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