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Artificial Intelligence


Joining the Artificial Intelligence (AI) team at Teza is a thrilling opportunity to be at the vanguard of pioneering advancements in the financial industry. The team focuses on harnessing the power of neural networks, Large Language Models (LLMs), and AI to construct sophisticated trading systems and strategies.


Neural networks, with their remarkable ability to learn and adapt from large volumes of data, bring a level of sophistication to financial modeling and prediction that is unprecedented. They can identify patterns and correlations that are virtually impossible for humans to detect, enabling the creation of highly accurate predictive models. The utilization of LLMs adds another layer of intelligence, allowing systems to understand and analyze text-based data such as news, reports, and social media feeds, which can have significant influence on market movements.


This fusion of cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize the way trading decisions are made, leading to more effective strategies, improved risk management, and potentially, superior investment returns.

It’s fascinating to witness machines finding solutions that defy logical reasoning, revealing a world rich with unexpected surprises.”

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