A Risk-Managed Approach to Crypto Investing

Executive Summary

In this piece Misha explores a question that plagues many crypto investors — “Which coin should i invest in?” Ultimately he advocates a diversified approach to crypto investing that can provide risk-managed access to growth in the space.


Digital assets are the newest asset class to garner the sustained attention of serious investors. One of the most significant challenges investors face in entering the space is choosing the right coin to invest in. The history of equities illustrates that there is no single right choice, and that current leaders will relinquish their top spots to newcomers, lose value, and ultimately disappear.

With the digital assets space poised for continued growth and the “winners” yet to be determined, a dynamically maintained portfolio of coins – an index-like basket – can provide diversified access to a rapidly growing market. An index can reduce an investor’s overall risk, protect against the possibility of holding a dying coin, and ensure participation in an asset class with strong value creation. To execute on this value proposition, however, there has to be an investment product based on a properly diversified crypto index.

In this paper we introduce a diversified crypto investment strategy that offers exposure to the top 100 digital coins. The strategy dynamically and systematically adjusts to changes in the top 100 coins, offering investors diversified, risk-managed access to growth in the digital assets space.

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